AMA's Core Values

Enabling People to Execute Global Strategy

AMA's Core Values

We Offer Many Ways to Solve Today's Complex Business Problems

When we develop programs, we draw on the knowledge and experience of today's leading business practitioners.
This scientific approach helps companies -- and individuals -- sharpen competencies, increase business knowledge and improve the skills of their people, enabling them to successfully confront the pressing business issues of the day.

Share Best Practices through AMA's Worldwide Network

Global best practices are incorporated into all of AMA's programs so that they can be conducted anywhere in the world. And any program can be customized so that it fits realistically into your country's business customs or even into your individual company's culture.

Course Leaders are All Experienced Professionals

All of AMA's training employs the constructive principle of "practitioners helping practitioners." Our course leaders are experienced business professionals with a specific area of expertise. Their advice is precise and practical, allowing you to readily apply it to your daily work challenges.

Well-Conceived Programs Aligned to Market Trends

Business challenges and market needs change from moment to moment. AMA holds function-based councils to track emerging business trends. AMA also periodically conducts global surveys addressing timely issues.
By gathering information from these sources, AMA is able to pinpoint the latest trends and needs in business education, eventually leading to the creation of practical programs with real-world application.

Develop People Who Can Achieve Your Company's Strategy

To develop your people is to "invest in" your company's most important resource. No matter how much your people's skills improve, their heightened abilities must be targeted toward achieving your corporate strategy. As we've shown here, AMA will propose the solution which best fits your company's goal of achieving business success.